Marc Howard Siegel – A Year In Mexico City

Posted: May 11, 2015 in Travel and Tourism

Marc Howard Siegel is an operations and marketing executive who lives in Florida. He once had the opportunity to live for a year in Mexico City, and he took full advantage of it by traveling throughout Mexico as he conducted development with the largest developer in the country, and the Mexican Government Development Company Fonatur.

As he knows, Fonatur is Mexico’s national trust for promoting tourism, and since its founding forty years ago has modernized the tourism industry there. With the help of professionals like Marc Howard Siegel, Fonatur developed the country’s top beach resorts, including Cancun, Ixtapa, Los Cabos, and the Bays of Huatulco. All of that development has been a boon to the Mexican economy, creating many new jobs for its residents.

As Marc Howard Siegel knows from his year there, Mexico City is a densely populated city, with population estimates ranging from ten to twenty-five million people. It is the oldest city in the Americas, having been founded by the people known as Aztecs way back in 1325. After Tokyo, it is the world’s second most populated city. Experienced Mexico travelers like Marc Howard Siegel know that in spite of its reputation as a city that can be dangerous to foreigners, its bark is really worse than its bite. But he knows that it’s still a good idea for tourists to be fairly low profile there, and to avoid wearing flashy jewelry and clothing while out on the streets or in public transportation. Mexico City is at a higher altitude than are many American cities, so altitude sickness is always a possibility, as is dehydration. Visitors should stay well hydrated there, and wear plenty of sunscreen.


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