Marc Howard Siegel – Superstar Coaching

Posted: May 20, 2015 in Travel and Tourism

Marc Howard Siegel is a Florida-based business executive who has provided outstanding leadership to every organization he has been associated with during the course of his twenty-year career.

He was associated with The Superstars, a hugely popular sports competition TV special. “I coordinated the tennis component of the show SuperStars for ABC and NBC,” he recalls. “In so doing, I directed the tournament, provided instruction, and shared tennis expertise to the world’s finest athletes, and both networks.”

Marc Howard Siegel also helped to develop the tennis format and programming of the show, which featured leading sports professionals competing in events outside of their usual events. He had been a protégé of Nick Bollettieri, the legendary tennis coach, and his coaching of the participating athletes was instrumental in improving their games. At the time, Olympic athletes were not allowed to accept sponsorship fees or be paid any subsidies, although the Olympic Committee waived that restriction for this competition.

Karch Kiraly, who was soon to become a three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, arrived a week early to train in the sports he considered winnable, including tennis. Marc Howard Siegel personally worked with him each day to sharpen his tennis skills and increase his chances of winning the tennis segment. At the end of this week, all the other competitors arrived with tight security, while he basked in obscure anonymity.

Thanks to the skilled assistance of Marc Howard Siegel, Karch Kiraly was able to win the tennis tournament. He continued on to become the Superstar’s Champion, and the rest is history.


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